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Rules and Regulations for the use of Watauga Baptist Church Buildings

1.    All use times should be filed with Pastor Wesley.

            Wesley Price  524-8304

2.      A current Church member must agree to sponsor any non-members and be present during all activities, also signing            this agreement.

3.      All other arrangements including food, music, Minister, and other assistance must be prearranged by the parties                  seeking to use the Church.

4.      The Church must be cleaned and returned to the original state:  ie, trash removal, furniture replaced, etc..  Church              personnel are available to clean at their regular Church hourly salary and should also be prearranged.

5.      Absolutely no tape should be applied to any surface at any time.

6.      Absolutely no smoking or drinking alcoholic beverages in the facilities at any time.

7.      Non-drip candles should be used if candles are needed and should be purchased by party.

8.      Decorations attached to pews should have some kind of guards, foam, rubber, or other to keep from scratching pews          or other surfaces.

9.      Parties are responsible for any damages and cost of repairs including carpet stains, furniture damage, breakages of            any sort, and decency would dictate the honest report of such to Church officials without having to be asked or            confronted.

10.    Rice, flowers, and etc. should be cleaned from church and parking lot.  The Church has a blower.

11.    Being a Christian organization it would be expected for there to be absolutely no vulgar, rude, or any other conduct            that would cause reproach to our Church in any way.

12.    If in the opinion of the membership or any Church officer things are occurring that places the Church in any defensive          posture, the event will be terminated.

13.    The sound equipment in the Church may be used but absolutely no adjustments are to be made to the system as the          tremendous cost of equipment, installation, and setup of volumes and equalization makes this restriction a                        necessity.  It persons need to adjust for sound they need to set up their own equipment.

14.     All toilets, refrigeration, vacuum cleaners, doors, faucets, ice machine, ovens, etc. must be checked when finished to           make sure they are normal.

15.     Trash should be removed quickly when taken out of cans as they will leak and stain      floors.

16.     Please keep this agreement as a checklist of expectations.